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Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Heater Filters

Winter is in full effect across most of the country, but there is still time to give your furnace a checkup before the season takes a turn for the worse. There are a few basic steps you can take to keep your system running efficiently during the winter time. A replacement air filter is one step, but you’re sure to see savings in your energy bill after you use these tips.

Cleaning Coils

Over time, it’s common for the evaporator and condenser coils to collect dirt that will reduce air flow. Layers of dust build up very quickly, so it’s crucial to check these coils throughout the year. Try to minimize dirt near the condenser coil, and remove any brush or shrubs near the outdoor unit. This should help cut down on dirt accumulation. Also check that the coil fins have not been bent, and that there is plenty of unrestricted air flowing into the ducts.

Replacing Filters

Create a routine to replace your heater filters on a regular basis. Shoot for every three months, but you can let this time period drag out a bit without too many harmful consequences. The impact of a clogged filter can cause your heating to run at a 15% higher rate than normal. That drives your energy bills higher as your system taxes its resources, hastening the time it takes for the motor to break down.

Calling a Tech

You should always call a technician to check refrigerant levels, and to verify that the heating and cooling systems are working simultaneously.


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Reusable Versus Replaceable Air Filters: Find the Right One for You

Written by: Your Filter Connection

The air filter in your home has a key role in maintaining your HVAC system.

Air conditioner techs tell us that replacing your home air filters once every three months is the key to maintaining a well-running HVAC unit. These filters are generally inexpensive, but there are many varieties on the market. While there are options to each variety, generally people choose between reusable and replaceable filters. The right choice for you depends on how often you plan to replace your filters and what you’re willing to pay.

What Filters Do

A replacement Honeywell air filter has two basic advantages to the home: it prevents particulates from clogging the system and it helps filter the air you breathe. An air filter’s number one job is to keep your HVAC system from forcing air with too much pressure. Clogged filters cause the system to work harder than it needs to, so replacement is required.

Permanent Filters

So-called “permanent” filters are not really permanent, but they do offer a great value. An electrostatic furnace filter must be changed at least once every three months, but reusable filters can be washed rather than thrown out. This creates less waste for the environment, but it also offers a tremendous value to you as a consumer. With proper care, your filter should last for many years.

Replacement Filters

Filters that are replaceable tend to cost less upfront, and you can purchase a wide variety throughout the year. Replaceable filters tend to last a long time, but replacement filters can help if you have needs that change (like allergies in summer but not winter).