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What to Learn from Confessions of an Air Conditioning Repair Man

HVAC repair is a physical job. These techs spend a lot of time out in the heat repairing your AC unit, but they also come across a lot of simple foul-ups people create for themselves. Here are some of the worst confessions that techs see day in and day out.

DIY Mistakes

The most common problems air conditioner techs come across are those we make for ourselves. Usually something is wrong, or the air doesn’t’ quite feel right. That’s when amateur techs put on the tool belt. It’s also when more problems arise. Keep maintenance to simple tasks. Replace your 3M filtrete air filter and clean out your air ducts.

Basic Mistakes

Basic mistakes, like leaving the thermostat on for too long, can have lasting consequences that can eventually erode your AC unit. You would also be surprised, or perhaps not, to learn that many people forget to set their AC unit to “cool.”


If you’ve lived in your home for longer than one year and you don’t know where your air conditioning filter is located, you’re doing it wrong. Air conditioner filters should be replaced every three months, unless you have a permanent filter. You can remove these filters and wash them in your kitchen sink. Once they are dry, replace them as you would any other filter.

Air quality is just one aspect of filters. They also keep your AC from having to push air through blocked filters, which extends the lifespan of your unit.

Your Filter Connection is an online store selling brand name air filters, like the Honeywell furnace filter. You can shop 3M, Honeywell and other brands at Your Filter Connection.

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How Proper Air Filtration Builds Healthy Industries

The quality of air in the home and workplace has long-term effects on your health. The EPA even has some regulations and ideas on improving the air quality in your home. Many industries rely on having excellent air quality, so it’s crucial to have powerful air filtration that can clean and sanitize the air around you.


Electrostatic air filters are crucial to hospitals. Temperatures need to be regulated in the hospital, and it’s very important to stop the flow of germs and bacteria that would otherwise circulate naturally. Some patients have compromised immune systems, others have conditions that are directly affected by temperature. It’s the duty of the hospital to keep these areas free from cross-contamination.

Everyday Life

A residential air filter helps to improve the air quality of the home. It’s good for homes with pets, because dander accumulates quickly. Air filters should be changed regularly so that your HVAC system will stay in good working order. If someone in your home has allergies, use hypo-allergenic filters to help improve their breathing.

Air Pollution

Filters in our cars and homes also help to keep out air pollution from the world around you. Air pollution can affect you indoors as well, which is why so much money goes into industrial air filtration systems. Filtrete filters are popular replacements, but you can work on eliminating the source of pollution too. For example, a smoker might consider smoking outdoors to cut down on air pollution in the home.

Your Filter Connection sells Filtrete filters for home and commercial use. Find a replacement air filter for your HVAC unit or furnace at Your Filter Connection online.

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Will an Air Filter Really Help You?

Written by: Your Filter Connection

Air filters will filter out the particulate matter in your home, helping to boost the air quality of your rooms.

An air filter is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of an HVAC system. Many home owners will live years in their home without ever touching their filters, and that’s why so many AC units fail or have problems. Much of these issues are avoidable if you just learn a bit about how air filters work.

What Filters Do

Home air filters help to keep harmful particles out of your air conditioning system. These can clog the system, forcing your HVAC to increase its output. That takes a toll on your compressor over time. Filters use special fabrics and materials that are tightly knit. These fabrics sometimes have a slight charge to them, which can help with smaller particles and certain bacteria.


Those with allergies will also have problems breathing if filters aren’t replaced regularly. Filters also clean the air of smells, like those left over by pets or cigarette smokers. 3M Filtrete filters that are maintained well also cut costs on your power bill, because your HVAC unit doesn’t have to force air through clogged filters.

Choosing Temporary or Permanent

This is largely related to the costs you’re willing to take on. 3M furnace filters aren’t that costly to begin with, but the permanent filters do carry a higher price tag. The tradeoff is that these filters can be cleaned, instead of an outright replacement. Replacement filters must be maintained at minimum of every three months.

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How to Safeguard Your Lungs as Air Quality Decreases

Written by: Your Filter Connection

As air quality decreases, air filtration will become increasingly more important.

A replacement Honeywell air filter is a less-than-$20 purchase that has a huge benefit to your lungs. Air quality is decreasing, so air filtration will become more important in the coming decades.

Use Filtration

Air filters are some of the most important parts of an air conditioner, and one of the biggest contributors to the lifespan of that unit. A good air filter not only blocks harmful particulates, it increases the air quality in your home. Using filtration, especially when you have pets, is also part of setting up a healthy bedroom that is allergen free. When you run your air conditioner at night, if you don’t clean your filter, you could be harming your sinuses long term.

Reduce Pollution

Another option is to cut back on your own carbon footprint. You could go the obvious route and get a hybrid car, but there are small adjustments you can make that carry a smaller cost upfront. For instance, you can cut your power usage over all. You can also practice natural methods of composting, thereby cutting the amount of commercially manufactured goods you need. Look for creative methods to reduce your footprint without making substantial financial commitments.

Avoid Debris

One of the fastest ways to pollute the air in our house is messing with substances like asbestos. These speckled roofs must be removed by trained professionals using special equipment, or else there is a substantial health risk involved. Debris caused from construction and disposal is another problem. Furnace filters on coal plants are just one method that we have used to try and solve this issue. More regulations are incoming.

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