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Changing the Filter for the Long Life of your Heater

On cold winter nights and during stormy days, nothing is more comforting than a central heater. It is one of the benefits of modern living. While a fireplace has romantic notions, you wouldn’t let ash build up in your home. With this in mind, it is surprising that as much as we will service our fireplaces, a great deal of us neglect to change the simple replacement furnace filters. As much of a pain as floating ash can be, forgetting to change your filters can be even more devastating. In fact, it can be deadly.

Filters perform one main function and that is to catch and contain particles that can be produced with a well functioning heater. There are many types, such as the well known Filtrete filters and various other brands. And they are designed to perform this specific purpose. With this in mind, picture all of the dust that gathers on your furniture and belongings from week to week. Of course, regular housework takes care of the mess. But imagine how much dust and other particles that gather in your furnace, especially without months of use. They get consumed in the heating process or have gathered in your home’s vents. You wouldn’t want a member of your family to breathe any of this. The heater filter takes care of this problem.

However, a filter can get filled by these particles and this will stop the flow of air that the furnace needs to do it’s job effectively. At best, it can break down and may contaminate your environment with these unhealthy particles. At the very worst, this can lead to a fire within your home. And so, for safety’s sake, change your filters with products available with us here at Your Filter Connection on a regular basis.

Climate Control Systems: Change Your Filters

If you own a business and have employees, then it is crucial that you have concern for their well being when they are under your roof. More than just simple decency, it is a function of the law that they will remain safe when they are on the clock. If your business is within an office building, then climate control will be a device that is used daily. And while this may be for the benefit of your workforce, if you neglect to change your 3M air filters, or other brands, on a consistent basis, the comfort of your employees may change. In fact, the environment can become deadly.

While the climate control may seem like an automatically functioning device, it retains it’s positive qualities if it is regularly serviced. This is a necessity for a healthy workplace. Air conditioning and heater filters remove dangerous or irritating particles from the air. However, these same filters eventually become filled or plugged by these same particles. This can produce two effects.

The first is that the filter becomes ineffective and, in some cases, can actually begin to break down. This can release many harmful particles into the air, from allergens and mold to carcinogens and ash. This may produce many adverse reactions from any number of your employees. Even with a local electrostatic air filter to gather particles, this will not do the job that vent filters can. For the sake and safety of the people who work for you, don’t neglect this simple job.

The second is that a clogged filter can lead to the malfunction of your climate control system. These devices require a constant flow of air to work effectively. For the sake of your equipment, service them with products available at Your Filter Connection on a regular basis.

Home Air Filtration: Three Classifications

The benefits of air filters are countless. They keep us safe from pollutants and free of allergies, capture harmful viruses or bacteria, and in some instances, break down noxious gasses. While the most common home air filter utilizes a fiber system to capture particulates, modern engineering have designed many variations. What follows are descriptions of the three major types of home air filter.

The first category are the well know particle removers. The standard mechanical air filters use the fiber system touched upon in the previous paragraph. However, electronic air filters utilize another process. These are almost as widely used in homes as the familiar fiber systems, from the electrostatic furnace filter to devices that produce ions into the surrounding environment. In some of these filters there is no actual filtration system, using charged ions instead to remove particles from the air.

The second category consists of gaseous pollutant removal systems. Most of these tend to be for industrial use since they only filter out the specific gasses. And while they are effective in their jobs, foreign substances remain untouched. They can only be catered for specific usage. Though they may not appear with the usual can residential air filter, they can be found in a few select homes.

The final category are filters for pollutant destruction. The catalyst is UV lamps that produce ultraviolet radiation. While they may sound imposing, there are times when these filters are effective at preserving life due to their ability to attack and destroy various viruses and deadly bacteria. In addition, UV light, utilizing fellow chemical catalysts, can be extremely effective in breaking down harmful gasses and chemicals as well.

All of us at Your Filter Connection are more than happy to help you find which variation will work best in your home.

Air Filters: Relief From Chronic Allergies

Suffering from allergies can be a debilitating experience. Headaches, itchy and swollen eyes, runny noses, sneezing, asthma type symptoms. For those of us that suffer from this issue seasonally, it can be really annoying. And yet, for those who deal with this on an almost daily basis, dreadful isn’t a strong enough word. Just leaving the safety of one’s home can be a fearful experience. However, as frightening as the outside world can be for these poor individuals, sometimes a home can become infested with pollen and other particles. In this instance, relief can be difficult. However, there is something that can help with these symptoms. And these objects are the simple devices known as home air filters.

Through an ingenious idea in engineering, your home can be filled with clean and breathable air, free from any allergy causing particles. Quite simply, the air inside your home is pulled through a filtration system, usually through mesh or closely packed fibers, such as replacement Honeywell air filters. The allergens become trapped within the filter, safely removed from the local environment, and the remaining filtered air is then exhaled into your living space. There can be comfort for the suffering individual with relatively little cost.  Even your climate control can be made safe with the inclusion of heating or air conditioner filters.

While it may be true that air filters are not an absolute cure, they can help relieve the symptoms of chronic allergies. They are even beneficial for folks who get hit hard during the changing seasons. And any individual can benefit from an air filter’s use by removing carcinogens and other pollution from a home’s environment. A relatively simple device can do that much, available here at Your Filter Connection. Be sure to see what benefits it can offer you.