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3M Filters: One of Our Favorite Filters

Those of us here at Your Filter Connection try not to play favorites when it comes to filters.  However, it’s undeniable that 3M filters are some of the highest quality filters available on the market today.  They are incredibly well-made and affective filters.  3M filters come in a variety of sizes and can also be bought in bulk.  That means that you can buy all the 3m furnace filters that you’re going to need in one sitting right from the comfort of your own home!

3M filters are rated in two different ways.  They come with a high micro particle performance rating known as “MPR” and a minimum efficiency reporting value rating known as “MERV.”  These ratings help to assess the performance of the filter as well as the sizes.  The MPR rating essentially measures the filter’s ability to capture particles.  3M Filters are known for trapping a large quantity of particles.

As stated before in the blog, it’s important to change them out every three months in order to ensure the most efficient use.  However, the effectiveness of your filters can vary depending on the specific conditions in your home.  For example, a 3m furnace filter placed among a dirty duct, excessive construction, pets, and smoking, may need to be replaced sooner than the three month mark.

When it comes to the 3m Filtrete filters, there is the option to select micro allergen products which is a great option for those suffering from allergies.  The 3m Filtrete filters are some of the highest quality 1” filters available on the market.  They come individually wrapped in the proper packaging in order to ensure that you’ll get the most out of them.

We Can Supply All of Your Filter Needs!

At Your Filter Connection, we are absolutely dedicated to helping you with all of your filter needs.  It’s not always easy to find the right size or design that you need.  It is also extremely common to buy filters that are not made with great efficiency which means that they cannot do their job right.  The right filters should not become clogged up easily and should help to lessen issues with allergies.  If your current air conditioner filter isn’t working right and you don’t want to risk a complete malfunction, then you have come to the right place.

We are proud to share that we carry over forty different brands of filters and an even bigger variety when it comes to the size of the filter.  We carry filters for everything from air conditioning systems to heaters, humidifiers and water systems.  The great thing is that we offer filters for every budget out there.

We make sure to carry items with high MERV ratings, such as the 3m filtrate air filter.  Our detailed website also gives information concerning the MERV ratings of the filters.  MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and these numbers were assigned by the American Society of Heating.  Essentially, the higher a MERV rating that filters have, the better the performance of the filter.  We carry a variety of filters, such as replacement furnace filters, with superior MERV ratings.  Only the best for our valued customers!

How to Eliminate a High Level of Energy Consumption

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, then you know that changing out your 3m air filters and furnace filters frequently is beneficial for many reasons.  On top of helping to eliminate allergens in your home and saving you money every month, high-quality air filters can also help the environment.  Regularly changed filters can help to cut back massively on the amount of energy consumed in a house or building.  Your Filter Connection is dedicated to helping you with all of your cooling and warming needs.

There is another way to cut down on energy costs as well when it comes to air conditioning systems and centralized heat, and that is proper insulation!  It’s a great idea to insulate your home in order to better contain the heat and cool from your systems.  The proper insulation will help your family cut down on energy costs while simultaneously keeping your home comfy and inviting.  The cost of energy continues to climb which means that it’s more important than ever to select a high-quality furnace air filter and insulate the ceiling of your home.

In addition to changing out your filters and insulating your home, it’s also important to be mindful of your household’s water usage.  We carry great water filters than can help with the job, but the other piece of the puzzle is paying attention to the times of day that you do laundry in your home and watering your garden for a shorter amount of time.

By replacing your heater filter and filters for your other systems often, and installing the proper insulation, we can all cut down on energy consumption.

The Connection between Air Filtration and Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re talking about an electrostatic furnace filter or an air-conditioning filter, filters affect the efficacy of the energy being used in your home.  Proper air filtration is responsible for the maintenance of a building’s heat, ventilation, and air conditioning.  While some may believe that regularly replacing filters is expensive, it is a relatively low price to pay for an efficient use of energy and lower monthly utility bills.

Here at Your Filter Connection, we know all about the importance of filters, especially when it comes to saving you money in the long run!  The fact is that regularly replacing the filters on your air conditioning system, humidifier, air purifier, furnace, and water supply system will not only lower your bills, but it will ensure that the systems run more smoothly.  That means that regularly purchasing a replacement Honeywell air filter can prevent you from needing to repair or even replace your entire system.

In order for energy to pump through equipment like an air conditioning system, it needs to be free from obstruction.  If you don’t regularly clean and replace your filters, the system can easily become congested which can result in a complete malfunction.  By replacing your filters, you are enhancing the efficiency of the energy being used which is helpful to both the environment and your bank account.

It’s no secret today that the environment is affected by our energy use.  As a collective, it’s important to think of ways to save water and other forms of energy.  Purchasing an air filter regularly is a great way to do something good for both you and the world around you.